Madison: Dance Portraits in Myrtle Beach, SC

When I first began to think I might be interested in trying dance photography, Madison graciously allowed me to take some photographs of her to see if it was indeed something I was interested in learning more about. Since that initial session, I've fallen in love with dance photography and learned a great deal.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with her again and apply all the knowledge I've gained over the past two years.

dance photography ballet
myrtle beach senior portrait photography market common surfside
ballet portraits en pointe myrtle beach
myrtle beach dance portrait senior photography pictures

Madison dances at Coastal Dance Center in Market Common, so it was only fitting that we began our shoot in Market Common. One of my favorite spots at Market Common is the columns at Valor Park. The columns create great depth, and the light hits them perfectly in the evening.

ballet in pointe myrtle beach coastal dance center market common
market common ballet and dance myrtle beach photography

After Market Common, we headed over to Myrtle Beach State Park to grab some dance shots on the sand.

beach dance photography myrtle beach state park sc
beach dancer myrtle beach state park dance photography surfside
myrtle beach senior portraits beach photography dance

I wanted to try some pointe shots on the beach as well, but sand is not exactly the most stable surface to dance en pointe. I devised a plan......and for less that $5, we were able to rig it where Madison could dance en pointe on the sand! Hooray!

myrtle beach ballet portraits beach dancer
ballet en pointe on beach
myrtle beach senior portraits