Myrtle Beach Portrait Locations: II

Location, Location, Location:  Central and Inland Myrtle Beach, SC

A few weeks ago, I began a blog series about great locations for portraits in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. The first blog in the series focused on the state parks and southern locations on the Grand Strand. For the second blog in the series, I'd like to focus on locations that are more centrally located in Myrtle Beach, SC and those that are further inland.

1. Market Common

Market Common is located off Farrow Parkway on the old Air Force Base. It is accessible from 17 Business (Kings Highway) or 17 Bypass.

market common myrtle beach photographer


1. Modern Cityscape:  If you're looking for a modern cityscape for your portraits, Market Common is a great choice. It's filled with a ton of great choices, from full length reflective windows, to great alleys, street lamp lined sidewalks, etc. It's a great chic site.

2. Market Common is located extremely close to Myrtle Beach State Park. This makes Market Common a great choice if you're looking for variety that includes beach portraits. My larger package includes 2 locations. If you've chosen the larger package to fit your needs - Market Common + Myrtle Beach State Park are excellent choices.

3. A few of the old Air Force Base buildings are still standing and are now covered with graffiti. If you're looking for a spot with an urban vibe, Market Common is a great choice. 

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Market Common Myrtle Beach
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Things to consider:

1. Because there are so many popular restaurants and shops at Market Common, it can be quite crowded on the weekends and summer months.

2. There can be a good amount of traffic around Market Common. For this reason, I do not recommend Market Common as a location for families with children under the age of 5.

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2. Downtown Conway

I absolutely adore downtown Conway, SC! Conway is located inland off 501, approximately twenty minutes from Myrtle Beach, SC. 

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1. Conway is so full of amazing history and gorgeous old buildings. If you're like me, and you love old historic strips - this is the place for you! Main Street of Conway is just fantastic! There are large live oak trees, quaint brick alleys, an old theatre and so many little nooks and crannies for photographs that it is impossible to list them all.

2. It is located right near the River Walk of Conway, so if you're looking for some variety, I would highly recommend my larger package and pairing the two locations together.

3. Most of the shops and restaurants are closed on Sundays, which means you can take advantage of this great town without a ton of people and vehicles crowding in on you. 

Bonus: Conway is full of amazing restaurants. So, you can get your session done then head out to an amazing meal. My favorite restaurant on the Grand Strand is located in Conway. Make sure to check out Rivertown Bistro.

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conway, sc senior portraits

Things to Consider:

1. Shooting in Downtown Conway, SC involves a good bit of walking to fully explore the city and take advantage of everything this location has to offer. For this reason, I do not recommend historic Conway for anyone with health impairments that limit mobility.

2. Except on Sunday, there can be a large amount of traffic and people. For this reason, I do not recommend choosing Conway as your portrait location if your family has children under the age of five, unless you are willing and able to schedule the session for a Sunday.

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3. Booth's Christmas Tree Farm

Booth's Christmas Tree Farm is located at 5918 Adrian Highway in Conway, SC. It is a family owned farm with the most amazing owners. It may sound odd to recommend this location for anytime of the year other than Christmas, but Booth's has a ton to offer in the way of location no matter what season it is.

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booths christmas tree farm conway photography


1. The most obvious positive is that if you're looking for family Christmas portraits, this is the PERFECT location. Booth's has acres of Christmas tree fields for your Christmas portraits.

2. Booth's also offers the perfect country chic location for any sort of session, anytime of the year. There are two large barns, great county fencing, tractors, a vintage car, dirt roads, and much more! I am a huge fan of the rowed pine trees - they photograph beautifully (see above) and the wildflowers that bloom during different times of the year (see below). This year, Booth's has planted rows and rows of SUNFLOWERS that will bloom during the month of July (YAY!) as well.

3. This farm is locally owned and ran. You are spending local and helping our local economy. 

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booths christmas tree farm family portraits

 After getting your family Christmas portraits done, get your tree! Booth's grows a ton of varieties of trees that you can cut yourself, and they import Fraser Firs from North Carolina. They drive to NC and get the trees themselves, so the Frasers from Booth's are much fresher than the ones from other large chains you will find in the area. Additionally, they flock trees and sell garland. This year, my family went and cut our own tree for the first time, and we had such an amazing time finding the perfect tree in the fields and my boys really had a blast cutting it down. We didn't just get a tree, we made memories.

booths christmas tree farm conway sc
booths christmas tree farm conway, sc

Things to Consider:

1. Booth's can be very, very crowded during the Christmas season. Despite this, there seems to always be enough room to not feel too cramped during your session.

2. Sessions must be scheduled with Booth's as well to make sure other photographers aren't out there at the same time. Some sessions, like the Sunflower Sessions fill fast.

Next time.....

For the next blog, I will focus on some niche locations that are scattered throughout the Grand Strand that fit a specific need for certain clients. 

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