Shoot and Share Contest | 5th Place

This year, one of my business resolutions was to put myself out there more, share my work, submit to magazines and blogs and enter photography contests. In January, I entered the Shoot and Share International Photography Contest. 110, 982 photos were entered in this contest across 21 different categories.

What I loved about the Shoot and Share contest was that the photos were presented on their own merit. They popped up randomly, with no identifying watermarks and no photographer's name. Over 23 million votes were cast by over 73,000 people. 

I'm absolutely humbled, and so excited that one of my photos placed 5th place!

dance beach photograph

Head on over to Shoot and Share's website to see more information on the shot including the story behind the shot, all my EXIF data and a behind the scene's video.

This was my first major contest entry - and I am tickled beyond belief with this photograph's placement. Guys, put yourselves out there - you never know!